Difference Maker: Elora Nicole

:: Difference Makers are those using what’s in their hand to make a difference in this world ::


Meet Elora Nicole – story coach + author. 

Elora describes herself as: “a believer in Beauty and pursuer of Story. I write because if I can move a heart – if I can bend a knee – then this is all I need.” Guest posting on several blogs + online magazines, including Relevant Magazine, Prodigal, & The Deeper Story – where I first stumbled across her blog + work – she is proving herself to be a valuable writer + role model for this generation. She’s released a couple of e-books, her latest being “Come Alive”, + has even recently co-founded a story-coaching business called “The Story Unfolding” to help others tell their story. 

And this is just one of the many reasons why Elora is a Difference Maker… 

// You’re truly a beautiful writer – what first sparked a desire in you to pursue writing? 

I honestly don’t remember a time in which I wasn’t writing. When I was younger, I became enamored with words. I taught myself how to read and write when I was three or four. Since then, writing has been a constant companion.

// ‘Come Alive’ is your most recent book out (& first in print form!), was there anything throughout the publishing process that took you by surprise? 

Ha! So much. I knew enough to anticipate my life not changing in any way, but I never anticipated the difficulty it would bring. Everything that could go wrong for an author has happened to me during this publication, and I’m anxious to put it behind me. Six months ago I had a published book, an agent, and a publishing house. Now, I have the rights back to my novel but nothing else. My publisher closed its doors and my agent emailed me a few weeks ago to tell me he wasn’t working with me anymore because I didn’t sell enough books under publication. I’m still waiting for Come Alive to disappear off online shelves so I can release it as self-published.

I’ve learned a lot about what it means to believe in your work, to stand up for your words, and to listen to that small voice telling me to pay attention. I won’t make the same mistakes again.


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// Storytelling has exploded the past couple of years. Why do you think is it important for people to tell their stories? And, why do you believe people’s stories can change the world?

There is freedom in owning what has happened in your life. Shame flees the moment we possess the bravery to speak against that which haunts us. As a teacher and in my own experience of therapy, I’ve realized how difficult it is to rest in the messiness long enough to see the pattern – our greatest purpose, what we were meant to do and what makes us feel most alive, often hides in what brings us most pain. I want everyone to know the freedom I’ve brushed up against these past few years as I take steps in telling pieces of my own story. And, as far as stories changing the world – there are countless examples of literature crashing into society and creating change. If a piece of fiction can do that, imagine what would happen if we became vulnerable enough to share the Truth of what we know and how we believe?

// Adoption is also very close to your heart & something you’re currently in the process of with your husband, how has the experience so far impacted or influenced your writing?

It’s made me more aware. I notice the timing of things, how time is really just circular and never linear. It’s made me realize my faith and my belief echoes itself throughout my writing whether or not I say the name Jesus. It’s made me appreciate the rituals of everyday life: the morning pages, the words forming, the anticipation. Most of all, it’s the reason why I’m here. When we started the process, becoming a mother terrified me and I had no idea why. Now, I know. Now, the sense of jubilee coming means so much more than when we began.


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// If someone has a dream + wants to step out + make a difference in the world, what would you tell them? 

Before I quit, every time contracts would come around I would ask God whether or not I should sign. I never let Him answer. I always signed, thinking if He wanted me to leave I would have found a job elsewhere. About two years ago, I was driving home and I had this thought - what if He’s waiting for me to step out on faith? I thought it was a ridiculous notion and dismissed it as just my own way of trying to talk myself into quitting.

This time last year that thought kept coming back – it would be the first thing I thought about in the morning and the thing that kept me up at night. Last year was dark – I was in the midst of some heavy therapy, work felt as if it were sucking my soul dry, and the adoption process was leaving me emotionally spent. The day my husband and I decided I wouldn’t be renewing my contract I felt terrified. Walking into my boss’ office was even more terrifying. But as soon as I said the words (through tears, no less) that I was turning in my resignation, I felt as if a rush of air fell into my lungs – as if I’d been holding my breath for three years and suddenly I could breathe again.

If you have a dream or if you want to step out and take a risk or make a difference in the world, just begin. Baby steps are still steps, and as long as you aren’t remaining stagnant, something magical will happen. Maybe you’ll be redirected. Maybe you’ll succeed wildly. Maybe you’ll be able to pay your bills. Whatever happens, you’ll feel more alive because of it and the beauty around you will overwhelm. Colors seem brighter when you’re living at full capacity.

1. Latte or tea? Neither. Iced coffee.
2. If I wasn’t a writer I’d be: a painter or hip-hop dancer.
3. People describe me as: Brave. Gentle. Wordy. Quiet.
4. Favourite late-night snack: Cake
5. If I could be anywhere in the world right now…I’d be in France.

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