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Home of the #Leanbacks


Home of the #Leanbacks


Classic Panini style sandwich in a thin, crispy almond flour vessel, topped with cheddar and mozzarella!

The Bee's Cheese

Tasty three cheese blend with tomatoes and basil! “Cheese the day!”
Calories 582 | Fat 45.2g | Protein 36 | Net Carb 2.5

tk rancher

Grass fed ground beef, marinated in our own house made ketchup, topped with red pepper and red onion.
Calories 500 calories | Protein 40g | Fat 48g | Net carbs 4.4

the hamborghini

Savory ham basted in a sweet rosemary glaze. Take your taste buds from zero to sixty in under 2.8 net carbs!
Calories 402 | Fat 50g | Protein 51.3 | Net carbs 2.5

Butter Chicken

TK Chicken bathed in our butter chicken sauce with fresh red peppers!


The Ultimate Fat Bomb!

The c.O.

Éclair style dessert, filled with vanilla buttercream and glazed in chocolate.
Calories 256 | Fat 27g | Protein 2.2g | Net Carb 1.3g (2.3 total carb)

holy cacao

Chocolate stuffed, chocolate glazed and sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts.
Calories 256 | Fat 27.2g | Protein 2.5g | Net carb 1.6g (2.6 total carb)


Creamy lemon custard filling, covered in flakes of toasted coconut #LeanBacksToTheRescue
Calories 260 | Fat 27g | Protein 2.2 | Net Carb 2


Bone broth based and packed with collagen

deadliest catch

Tuna, zucchini and curry chowder. You don’t need to risk your life for this soup, but just know that someone did!

Kicking Thai

Spicy Thai Style soup with lemongrass. More kick than a Muay Thai match but fewer injuries!

Smurf Turf

Thick and hearty cream of mushroom soup. One soup equals one homeless smurf family. Enjoy, you monster!


Rich and flavourful cream of tomato soup. The flavour of Spain’s tomato fight, none of the mess.



Energized, Protected, Enhanced! Ketosis in 30 minutes?  Only with BHB+MCT (Orange or Lemon). 
Calories 60 | Fat 4 | Protein 0 | Net Carbs 2

Ketones + cream

Calories 160 calories | Fat 9 | Protein 0 | Net Carbs 2

c6 coffee

Real BHB, butter and cream.  Don’t be Bulletproof, Be the Bullet.


Calories 240 | Fat 21.5 | Protein 6 | Net Carbs 3.5


Calories 245 | Fat 21.5 | Protein 5.5 | Net Carbs 3.5

drip coffee

Roasted by Calgary’s own @Five21Roasters



Phat Tea

100% gluten free

All menu items are made gluten free!

Canada's #1 Low Carb, Keto, and gluten free cafe! 

1314B 9 Ave SE

Inglewood, Calgary, AB T2G 0T3

(403) 455-9475

Open Tuesday - Sunday

11am - 8pm

Closed Mondays

Canada's #1

Low Carb, Keto, and Gluten Free Cafe!

Learn more about how the Low Carb Lifestyle can benefit you!

1314B 9 Ave SE

Inglewood, Calgary, AB T2G 0T3

(403) 455-9475

Open Tuesday - Sunday

11am - 8pm

Closed Mondays