An Interview With… Jessika Garcia

// Meet Jessika-lyn Garcia – Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger at Jessyclassy. I first stumbled across her blog late last year. Since connecting, I so appreciate her warmness and love that she’s always refreshing the look of her blog. Here is an interview with Jess…


Hi Jess! First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you became involved in blogging?

Hello! My name is Jessika-lyn and I live in Honolulu, Hawai`i. I started my blog, Jessclassy, a little over a year ago as another platform to share my beauty YouTube videos that I was posting at the time. Shortly after I realized that YouTube wasn’t for me, but I stuck with blogging because I enjoyed writing and (blog) design.

Beauty is a major passion and part of your life. What is your “beauty philosophy”? 

To be completely honest, I don’t really have a “beauty philosophy”. I just enjoy beauty (hair/makeup/skincare) because it’s fun to pamper myself and try out new products.

Do you have any favourite beauty go-to’s?

My favorite beauty go-to’s are my MAC Studio Fix Fluid+, Lorac Pro Palette, MAC Lipsticks (Angel/Rebel).

When it comes to blogging, how do you stay inspired, motivated, and even organised in posting regular content?

I make sure to read other people’s blogs with similar content to myself. I think it’s good to look at the way others create a voice or how they design their posts! I started a secret board on Pinterest and I pin blogger’s (post) graphics to get a feel of how I can create/organize future blog posts. I also always use my phone/note book to write down a blog post idea as soon as it enters my head! That way, when I get home, I can create an outline/web and plan out my post instead of trying to force content out of my brain (been there, not fun).


What gems of wisdom would you give those who are interested in pursuing blogging?

I say if you’re even thinking of it, try it. But don’t get too “inspired”. I say that because it is real easy to confuse “inspiring” with comparing. You can be so inspired by something that when you try to re-create the content into how you would make it, you find yourself struggling because your post doesn’t match your expectations. Create a brand for yourself and know that it’s okay to re-brand over and over again. Re-branding is a great thing because you want to create an opportunity for you to grow not be stuck in the same place! Basically, go for it and in the words of Shameless Maya, “DO YOU BOO!”


1. Favourite quote: In 2005, my mom wrote me a letter before she saw me off to boarding school. In her letter she quoted this, “And above all, always remember to put God first in your life, for with out Him you are nothing. When you are sad and homesick, pray and He will give you comfort. When you are angry or upset, pray and He will give you peace. When you struggle with your studies and are confused, pray and He will give you clarity. When things are going well and you are happy, pray and give Him thanks and praise. Look to the Lord and He will guide you to be successful. Remember that success is not measured by the amount of friends we have or the amount of worldly possessions that we have; True success in the eyes of God is a kind, caring, giving, humble and thankful person.“ It’s still my FAVORITE letter/quote to date, I still have it at my work desk for inspiration.

Can’t leave the house without: Chapstick | Cellphone | Bobby Pins | Wallet

Favourite Instagram account to follow@AubreyKinch


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