Although boot camps have been popular in recent years and have maintained their appeal with policymakers, corrections officials, and the public in general, results from recent evaluations suggest that the efficacy of these programs is questionable at best.

private residential facilities for juveniles often use stress-inducing phobias and fears, physical training, exposure to cold weather, sleep deprivation, nutritional deprivation, stress positions, extended isolation, forced labor, and denial of use of the bathroom to "modify the behavior" of adolescents. 9

Critics argue that staff members are ill-equipped to deal with juveniles, often resorting to psychological and physical cruelty to maintain the captor/captive dynamic.10 Critics also question whether boot camps can ultimately change the behavior of inmates, citing statistics and government reports that indicate camps fail to reform the overwhelming majority of juvenile inmates, with recidivism rates as high as 80%.11 Furthermore, abuse is "almost inevitable" as long as staff members maintain absolute authority with little to no regulation or legal restrictions. 12

Children continue to die at boot camps

The Trouble with Troubled Teen Programs How the "boot camp" industry tortures and kills kids• (2007) Reviews how deaths in boot camps are often seen as on tragic incident but how at least 3 dozen children have died in boot camps. It starts with looking at Synanon the first program to use confrontation therapy on teens and the other programs throughout history to present.

Politicians hedge on boot camps regulations While child development experts have continued their calls for reforms and regulations to juvenile boot camps, politicians at the state and federal level have been slow to act

Child dies after being forced to wear black clothes and exercise in triple-digit temperatures

A man from Washington state has become the latest to sue a Utah-based organization for troubled children, claiming he was physically and emotionally tormented during its teen boot camp programs in Mexico.